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  • Nur Ali Partners With adidas; Joins Elite adidas Motorsport Team

    Ali Motorsports and Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) Lites driver Nur Ali are proud to announce a partnership with Fyshe Limited, the official adidas Motorsport licensee and distributor partner. Through the partnership... (read more)

  • Nur Ali Teams up with Rally Ready Driving School

    Nur Ali understands the value of education and for good reason. Throughout his life it has shaped him into a successful racer and businessman. Prior to embarking on any new challenge, Ali seeks out knowledge and wisdom... (read more)

  • Valvoline™ Enters Red Bull Global Rallycross Lites Championship with Nur Ali

    Few brands garner as much fan recognition as Valvoline™ and for good reason. Valvoline lubricated the winning car in the first U.S. auto race in 1895 in Chicago. Since then, Valvoline Racing... (read more)

  • Nur Ali Enters Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) Lites Series Partners with Tweaker Energy Shot

    Nur Ali has never shied away from a new challenge. Whether it was earning the distinction of becoming the first professional Pakistani-born race car driver, competing internationally in A1 Grand Prix - World Cup of Motorsports, NASCAR... (read more)

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